Carmen Ky

Australian Artist

Earth Element

The erosion of hard sand at Lake Mungo has revealed the most ancient human remains on this continent. We are intrinsically connected
with earth, physically sustained by the minerals and organic life that has evolved here. It is part of us, it is home and we are part of
the ecosystem. I often use Lake Mungo as a symbol that encapsulates the elemental energy of earth.

Snail Trails and String Theory

Snail Trails and String Theory
acrylic and oil paint on canvas
122cm x 122cm

Sandy Desert - Finding Fossils

Sandy Desert - Finding Fossils
acrylic and oil paint on canvas
102cm x 102cm

Unravelling the Dusk

Unravelling the Dusk
- Lake Mungo

acrylic and oil paint on canvas
102cm x 102cm


Yellow Earth

Yellow Earth | acrylic on canvas
30cm x 40cm


Earth-Lines - 1
Earth-Lines - 2
Earth-Lines - 3
Earth-Lines - 4
Earth-Lines - 5
Earth-Lines - 6
Earth-Lines - 7
Earth-Lines - 8
Earth-Lines - 9
Earth-Line - 10s
Earth-Lines - 11
Earth-Lines - 12

Earth Lines | paper, acrylic and oil paint on board, each painting 21cm x 21cm

Glimpses of the Serpent - 1
Glimpses of the Serpent - 2
Glimpses of the Serpent - 3
Glimpses of the Serpent - 4
Glimpses of the Serpent - 5
Glimpses of the Serpent - 6

Glimpses of the Serpent | collograph, encaustic wax and oil paint,
each painting 27cm x 27cm

Inlet - 1
Inlet - 2
Inlet - 3
Inlet - 4
Inlet - 5
Inlet - 6
Inlet - 7

Inlet | watercolour, acrylic paint, collograph and encaustic wax on paper on board
each painting 42cm x 30cm

Luminous Swamp - 1
Luminous Swamp - 2

Luminous Swamp | collage, etching, acrylic, gold paint and wax on board, 
each painting 30cm x 30cm

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