Carmen Ky portrait

Snail Trails & String Theory

Snail Trails & String Theory,
Acrylic and oil paint on canvas

Primarily a painter and printmaker, Carmen Ky is also known for her photography and projects with Aboriginal and Indian artists.

“As a visual artist I explore the intersection of abstraction and figuration in painting. My work references the natural environment, the interface of western abstract painting and eastern philosophy… and iconography of the five elements.

I investigate the Five Elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space as interpreted in the philosophical and visual traditions of Indian and Tibetan Buddhist art to develop visual images, symbols or modes of representation in context of the Australian landscape.”

Carmen Ky’s research and creative skill with multiple paint and print media results in work that is infused with energy, rhythms of colour, light and line that define space and express a relationship between all the fundamental forces of a unified field.